Air conditioning

Product Information

Keeping your cool is something that we at Lucas know all about. Experience counts. Lucas has been active in car air conditioner compressor systems for European cars for 40 years and that expertise really shows with our current offer.

Reliability is vital for auto AC compressor components and as we have a great reputation to uphold, our standards are high.

When you do business with us you always know that everything we sell fulfils complete compliance with O.E. quality.

Lucas offers a Pan-European availability of a broad program of remanufactured applications. Our long experience in providing reconditioned air conditioning compressors for cars means that you’ll never lose your cool.

The environmental advantage

Buying reconditioned air conditioning compressors for cars instead of new ones reduces energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases.

Unique product information

As one of Lucas’ business partners, you have access to both our online catalogue and our specialists in auto AC compressors and beyond.

Complete production control

At Lucas, we control the entire car AC compressor process - from spare parts and production to sales and service.

Strength in distribution

The strength of the Lucas brand ensures that we have a strong and highly skilled network of car aircon compressor distributors across Europe.

Providing the best customer experience in AC compressors

Lucas offers Pan-European availability of a broad program of applications, with the best core return concept in air con compressor reconditioning.

Value-based management throughout our operations

We believe in value-based management. We act independently and make proactive decisions.


We employ passionate people with personal and professional integrity.


Competence drives our business goals and makes us achieve team success.


Teamwork ensures a dynamic and agile organisational framework allowing for a self-managed effort.


Access to relevant information is vital for common success.

Continuous improvements

Systematic continuous improvement increases our capabilities.