Engine management and mechanical ignition

Product Information

Modern vehicles are increasingly reliant on engine management system components such as ignition parts to operate efficiently and effectively. Functions such as ignition timing, fuelling, and emissions are all controlled by the engine control unit (ECU), which relies on accurate readings from a multitude of sensors to operate these functions at the optimum level. Failure of any engine management component can lead to issues with fuel efficiency, driveability, or some cases prevent running altogether.

Thanks to our long association with mechanical ignition parts means, our ranges are constantly introduced and updated to keep pace with modern engine management system developments. We offer expert technical support and extensive range coverage. All products are tested at our in-house facility. Below are some highlights of our extensive range:

  • 273 EGR valves / EGR coolers 
  • 178 throttle bodies
  • 707 fuel pumps
  • 59 VVT oil control valves
  • 16 fuel vapour valves
  • 480 Ignition coils
  • 970 Ignition lead sets


  • Decades of knowledge and expertise
  • Coverage for all makes/models
  • Products catalogued on third party systems such as TecDoc and Autocat+
  • Our range meets or exceeds OE specification

EGR valves

EGR valves reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions from the exhaust. NOX is produced when combustion temperatures exceed 2500°F and nitrogen reacts with oxygen. Lucas offers options of either remanufactured or re-engineered EGR valves. Electronic components and ignition parts

Electronic components and ignition parts


The Lucas range covers a comprehensive range of sensors to monitor engine position, exhaust pressure, accelerator pedal, MAP and boost pressure, temperature, exhaust gas, knock, level and throttle position.

Air mass meters

The air mass meter (AMM), also known as mass air flow sensor (MAF) is a key component of the engine management system. It relays information about the volume of air entering the engine control unit (ECU).

Ignition leads

Our comprehensive range has over 1700 lead sets and leads, including resistive, wire wound, copper and universal sets. All are exceptionally durable and offer trouble free, long life performance.

Ignition coils

The ignition coil transforms the battery voltage (usually 12 volts) to at least the 10,000 volts necessary to produce a spark at the plugs, and in some applications as much as 40,000 volts. Lucas offers a competitive solution for every type of coil in the market, with more than 475 references. Please click the relevant sections to find out more about the complete range of products. More about Lucas EGR valves