Product Information

Our range of first-class products for diesel injection, including diesel glow plugs and reconditioned fuel injectors, spans more than 10000 product references of remanufactured parts and more than 2500 component references. We continue to grow, having marketed our products for longer than any other brand of car components in the world.

At Lucas Diesel Systems Division we develop our own production system through our own R & D centres. Consequently, we can guarantee the highest quality for all of our products, whether remanufactured, components or test equipment. We offer the market the widest range of diesel products in the industry.

Hi-tech remanufactured parts

The use of remanufactured products such as remanufactured injectors reduces environmental impact compared to newly manufactured products, significantly decreasing emission of gases and generation of waste.

During the remanufacturing process the damaged elements are replaced, reusing the components that are in a good condition.

111kg of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process of a common rail pump. Only 4 kg of CO2 are produced during the remanufacturing process of the same pump. In addition, thanks to the technological processes of Lucas Diesel Systems and to the experience applied to the remanufacturing, we can guarantee the useful life of our products for longer than that of a new product.

It is our responsibility as producers to look after the environment by implementing processes that avoid any type of contamination, and to use natural resources in this production system. We call this ‘Green Spirit’.

Lucas Diesel Systems products will protect your margins and the environment.


The quality standards are equal to or even greater than those of a new OEM product. We apply the most advanced treatments to provide the highest quality.

Production system

The quality of a remanufactured product is a direct result of the skills and processes applied in the production centre. To increase the productivity and the quality of our products we have developed our own system, which is implemented in all our factories around the world. In this way, we guarantee identical levels of productivity and the same quality control in all our products, regardless of their production site.

Packaging system

At Lucas, we are convinced that an excellent product is accomplished by establishing the best quality standards in each of the processes that we carry out including how we deliver our products to our customers. It is for this reason that our packaging system is perfectly designed, developed and manufactured to supply the products with maximum safety, protection, warranty and image possible.

Intelligent packaging design

Clear differences in the sizes of our boxes, which are designed to minimise the amount of packaging material used, make our products instantly recognisable all the way from our factories to our customers’ shelves. Each pack is made with the best materials and adjusted to the technical requirements of each product.

Easily identifiable part tracking

Every pack includes all of the technical data corresponding to the product, a QR code for traceability, and the quality hologram of Lucas Diesel Systems.

R&D department

Thanks to the three Lucas Diesel Systems R&D centres located in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil, we continually develop all our production processes, in addition to launching and managing new projects on an on-going basis. This aspect is key to continuing with the growth and expansion of new lines of business to new markets.

Approval of suppliers

Thanks to our close relationships with all our suppliers, we work in partnership towards common success. This partnership allows us to innovate and develop our productivity together, in addition to providing on-going improvement of quality. We work exclusively with a limited number of suppliers, who we consider fundamental to our success.

Staff involvement

Throughout Lucas, each employee, regardless of their position, plays a vital role in the quality and perfection of processes on a daily basis. We work together to recognise what their skills are and strengthen them through the Lucas Academy or the on-going improvement of the production processes. All employees are also always invited to participate actively in the proposal of potential improvement for their daily work and for the optimum growth of the company.

Products and services

Remanufactured injectors and pumps

Fuel injection pumps
We have comprehensively covered the vehicle parc since the 1980s, offering the largest diesel pump range on the market.

Common rail injectors
With more than 450 references, Lucas enables customers to access 93% of CR injectors on the market.

Common rail pumps
Since appearing on the market in 1997, our common rail pumps continue to be the most used by car manufacturers. Lucas gives access to all brands on the market today.

Unit injector pumps
Despite the fact that cars with pump injectors are no longer produced they are still amongst the most-sold diesel products. Lucas supplies the full range of the VW group.

Diesel fuel injectors
Although they have not been assembled in vehicles for years, current vehicles still continue to use them. Lucas offers them in its product range.

Components and repair kits

A wide range that covers repair kits for injectors and pumps through to solenoids and head rotors

Diesel glow plugs

Lucas Diesel glow plugs are made in Europe in one of the most technically advanced factories. All diesel glow plugs are 100% factory tested to ensure best performance.

Diesel academy

Lucas Academy is a global division, dedicated to training in automotive technologies.

Test equipment

Multi-brand testing equipment for diesel components, suitable for all brands and each type of garage – just Plug & Play.

Workshop concept

Join Lucas Diesel Service, the Global network of Diesel Specialist Multibrand workshops!