Electronic components and ignition parts

Product Information

Modern vehicles are increasingly reliant on engine management components such as ignition parts to operate efficiently and effectively. Functions such as ignition timing, fuelling, and emissions are all controlled by the engine control unit (ECU), which relies on accurate readings from a multitude of sensors to operate these functions at the optimum level. Failure of any engine management component can lead to issues with fuel efficiency, driveability, or in some cases prevent running altogether.


  • Decades of knowledge and expertise 
  • Coverage for all makes/models 
  • Products catalogued on third party systems such as TecDoc and Autocat+
  • Our range meets or exceeds OE specification

Electronic components in range

  • 653 engine position sensors (Cam/Crank/Speed)
  • 268 air mass meters
  • 23 exhaust pressure sensors
  • 64 accelerator pedal sensors
  • 172 pressure sensors (MAP and boost pressure)
  • 400 temperature sensors (coolant, air intake, interior/exterior)
  • 315 exhaust gas temperature sensors
  • 138 knock sensors
  • 82 idle control valves
  • 50 level sensors
  • 41 throttle position sensors


The Lucas range covers a comprehensive range of sensors to monitor engine position, exhaust pressure, accelerator pedal, MAP and boost pressure, temperature, exhaust gas, knock, level and throttle position. Each is precision engineered and made to the standards of reliability and quality that you would expect from Lucas.

Air mass meters

The air mass meter (AMM), also known as mass air flow sensor (MAF) is a key component of the engine management system. It relays information about the volume of air entering the engine to the engine control unit (ECU). This information is used to calculate the appropriate ignition timing and fuelling for the engine to run at optimum efficiency. Lucas has invested significantly in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce an extensive range of air mass meters that always meet or exceed OE specification.


All of our air mass meters are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, individually tested and calibrated on high-tech bespoke equipment that simulates air intake across different driving conditions. Every PCB is manufactured in the UK to our own design custom design and we manufacture in-house.


  • Wire bonded to ensure durability 
  • Each part supplied with a serialised test certificate to give traceability and confidence
  • Our range meets or exceeds OE specification 
  • Available as complete units with housing, or as inserts only, which are easy to replace and a cost-effective alternative

Products in range

  • 268 part numbers available
  • 263 units as OE fitment
  • Five units available as inserts, allowing greater stock holding and range coverage

Our ranges

Our ranges are constantly introduced and updated to keep pace with modern engine management system developments. We offer expert technical support and extensive range coverage. All products are tested at our in-house facility. We offer:

  • 185 throttle bodies
  • 707 fuel pumps
  • 59 VVT oil control valves
  • 16 fuel vapour valves
  • 480 Ignition coils
  • 970 Ignition lead sets

Ignition leads

Ignition leads carry the high voltage spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. In older vehicles this is done via an ignition distributor, while newer vehicles use multi-outlet coils with ignition leads connected directly to the spark plugs. There are three types of cable commonly used, with a copper core or a glass fibre core using either silicon insulation or wire windings to help suppress radio signals. Ignition leads have become more engine specific over time, with manufacturers developing boot styles for each engine to fit the cylinder head and provide a precise connection with the spark plug. This requires a significant number of different lead sets to cover the vehicle parc. Failure of the ignition leads can result in a poor-quality spark, causing starting and driveability issues.


We have a full silicone programme, F class cable (–40 to +250° Celsius), as well as copper, resistive and inductive wire wound cable technologies. Cables are available in 5, 7 and 8mm diameters. We also supply OE-style silicone Spark Plug boots.


  •  Dedicated terminals/connectors to distributor side
  • Silicone or EPDM distributor boots
  • BMW sets available with or without conduits
  • Selected parts available in resistive technology as a value for money alternative
  • Nearly 1000 sets available

Products in range

  • 596 resistive sets
  • 197 wire wound sets
  • 177 copper sets

Ignition coils

The ignition coil transforms the battery voltage (usually 12 volts) to at least the 10,000 volts necessary to produce a spark at the plugs, and in some applications as much as 40,000 volts. As ignition coil experts, Lucas offers a competitive solution for every type of coil in the market. From the earliest oil filled oils, (still manufactured at our facilities in the EU), up to the latest high energy coil-on-plug designs, as well as every type in between.


Our range constantly evolves to keep pace with technological developments and, of course, all products are validated in our in-house test facilities.


  • Backed by decades of manufacturing experience and knowledge 
  • Extensive coverage to offer a one-stop-shop solution 
  • TecDoc catalogue platform updated monthly
  • Our range meets or exceeds OE specification

Products in range

  • 162 block/multi-outlet coils used in conjunction with our ignition lead programme 
  • 218 ‘pencil’ coils/coil-on-plug 
  • 43 rail coils/multi-outlet coil-on-plug
  • 30 ‘semi-direct’ coils/wasted spark coils
  • 27 oil filled ignition coils fitting the earliest applications