Continuously trading since 1875


    Our Vision: a spirit of innovation


    Wide international parc coverage


    Our Range is unrivalled


    Our Heritage goes back over 140 years

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Lucas products arise out of technical excellence and a spirit of innovation that has guaranteed us ongoing international success. Our reputation is based on a wide product range, with exceptional durability and resistance.

Our History

Lucas began in 1875, three years after the petrol engine was patented and the story of automotive truly began.

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Our Vision

Since our story began, our aim has been to take you further, whether that's through new innovations or simply by expanding our range and coverage to help you achieve more through faster, more efficient repairs. Our reputation is built on an extensive range, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality.

Our Coverage

Lucas products are driven by engineering excellence and a spirit of innovation. Through extensive range development, we maximise coverage to bring those innovations to you, so you can enjoy the efficiency and customer satisfaction that ensure success for your business.

Our Range

You can find solutions to all sorts of problems across the automotive parc by opening up a Lucas box. Our portfolio covers premium quality products for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles, marine and even industrial applications. That's why workshops around the world rely on Lucas. Because we offer the range, coverage and qualilty that takes you anywhere.

Our Heritage

Our history contains a thousand stories. The first dates back beyond even the Ford Model T, because our business was established when 'automotive' was only just beginning. In fact, Lucas is the oldest continuously trading automotive brand in the world. And the Lucas story goes on, because as automotive technology changes we continue to be a key part of it, giving you flexible and quality solutions that take you further and keep you equipped for the future. That's why installers keep the famous Lucas green boxes close at hand in their workshops.