Engine drive

Product Information

Everything you need for reliable and high quality engine drive from one supplier –Lucas.

The Lucas engine drive portfolio covers premium quality timing drive tensioners, accessory tensioners and pulleys, wheel bearing kits, clutch kits, accessory belts, drive shafts, timing chains, top mounts and CV boots. It is one of the pre-eminent ranges in the aftermarket.

All Lucas products are subject to a strict quality control procedure, with universal product traceability for your peace of mind, and because we’ve been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world, we know how to offer programmes for our customers’ needs perfectly.

We make sure you can fit efficiently, too. For example, with products that require more complex vehicle installation procedures, we include instructions in the packaging that clearly list any specific operations or tools required for correct installation, and our labelling is always clear and informative.

Lucas engine drives come with a full warranty, excellent service and great value. We are continuously developing new products for our engine drive portfolio, so talk to us – we’re experts in our field.


Timing drive products

Lucas Timing Drive Tensioners, Timing Drive Kits, Timing Drive Superkits with water pumps and Timing Chain Kits deliver long, efficient life.

Accessory kits, tensioners and pulleys

Lucas means quality and reliability. You can fully rely on our OE quality range of durable components, including accessory tensioners, fan and PK belts, damper pulleys and alternator pulleys.

Water pumps

Lucas water pumps cover 90% of applications for European and Asian vehicles. Choose a Lucas Super Kit and you’ll get the right pump for your application plus the component parts of the timing drive kit.

Clutch kits

Our clutches offer reliable performance and great coverage across a range of 2, 3 and 4-parts kits. We also offer a full range of concentric slave cylinders. Our clutch kits cover 88% of the European car parc with 325 references.

Wheel bearings

With Lucas, you get a very wide range, OE Quality, 852 references and the necessary accessories for fitting.

Driveshafts, top mounts and boots

With products offering great coverage and components made from OE quality, long-life materials, our range is designed to be tough and durable.

Accessory belts

Lucas belting is manufactured for the transmission auxiliaries on most modern vehicles. We offer a choice between PK and V profiles.