Timing drive products

Product Information

Lucas branded with our reference and traceability codes to guarantee best quality, our timing drive tensioners, timing drive kits and timing drive superkits deliver long, efficient life. Each part offers great coverage and enables faster fitting, with the excellent quality you’ve come to expect from Lucas.


All Lucas tensioners and idlers are engraved with the Lucas logo, a Lucas part number and a code to guarantee high product quality and easy traceability. Tensioners are a vital component in the reliability of engines and Lucas only supplies the best, OE quality components that will ensure a long, efficient and reliable life. Installation instructions for specific engines are included within the product packaging.

Timing drive kit

It makes sense to change the other parts of the timing system when changing a belt, for a long lasting repair. Lucas Timing Drive kits include the timing belt, idler and tensioner. A lot of our kits are provided with accessories such as the screw, dowel and bolt. All Lucas tensioners and idlers are branded Lucas with our reference and traceability codes, which guarantee safety, peace of mind and best quality.

Timing drive superkits with water pumps

Lucas offers a range of ‘Superkits’ which feature the component parts of the timing drive kit, but complete with the water pump, saving you the trouble of identifying and sourcing the correct water pump for the vehicle you are working on. Lucas Super Kits cover 55% of applications for European vehicles.

  •  106 references, covering 70% of sales
  •  We provide a DAYCO timing drive belt in all our timing belt kits
  •  We provide PTFE quality for specific vehicles such as Audi, VW, Renault engines 1.5Dci and Mercedes engines 1.5Dci in all our timing belt kits.
  • For complex engines, we provide technical fitting instructions in the product box
  • We provide a sticker for the engine bay to record the last maintenance date with our kits

Timing chain kits

Timing Chains are becoming more popular in the aftermarket as modern car engine designers can produce more power and economy by using a chain rather than a belt. As a result, some aftermarket mechanics have little experience in fitting timing chain kits and so Lucas has made these kits simple to fit. All timing chain components are included for efficient, easy fitting, with the excellent part quality you’ve come to expect from Lucas.

  • Sales set to increase by 40% in the next five years
  • 242 references
  • All components are included for an efficient and easy fitting